Truth Register upload a photo to the TrxSys blockchain.
Registered Proof of Timestamped, Unchangeable & Permanent Records.
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Who is TruthRegister...

TruthRegister is a reference app created by the folks at TrxSys. TruthRegister was created for two reasons.

  • TruthRegister provides a needed service. We are the easiest and possibly only service that offers a timestamped, unchangeable & permanent record of photos.
  • TruthRegister also demonstrates how blockchain and TrxSys blockchain in particular can be really easy to use.

    We currently give folks 50 free photo uploads. Shortly, you will be able to pay to upload more photos.

    Do I have to use TrxSys Blockchain?

    TruthRegister is set up to use TrxSys Blockchain, so yes this is a requirement. However, we encourage you to explore TrxSys as it is the most advanced blockchain in existence. TrxSys is fast, inexpensive, easy and practical. It is because of these reasons that TruthRegister is able to offer the services that it does.

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