Truth Register upload a photo to the TrxSys blockchain.
Registered Proof of Timestamped, Unchangeable & Permanent Records.
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Upcoming features...

Inheritance of TrxSys transactions  When you take a picture it is uploaded to TrxSys under the TruthRegister ID. We are working to enable you to take over control of that transaction. When you have control of the transaction on the TrxSys Blockchain you can control who can see the transaction.
Better controls over proxy data Your email address, phone number, description are described as proxy data. We are going to add controls to allow you to determine which of that information you want to share. Currently anyone that you share the transaction ID with can view that information. But this does not mean that your information is public. Transaction IDs are 52 characters in length. To guess a transaction ID would have a quantity of combinations of 6252 or another way of looking at it is that it could take thousands of years to guess.
Increase limit beyond 50 photos Currently, TruthRegister is free but limited to 50 photos. We are working to put in place a way for you to be able to increase that limit. is a web property owned by  Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved