Truth Register upload a photo to the TrxSys blockchain.
Registered Proof of Timestamped, Unchangeable & Permanent Records.
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What does TruthRegister really do...

TruthRegister is a really simple way to create a timestamped, unchangeable & permanent record of photos.

Is TruthRegister just another photo sharing site?

No. TruthRegister stores photos on the TrxSys blockchain. This means that it is a permanent record. Once you upload your photo it is permanent. You can't change it. We can't change it. No one can change it. And you can prove that it has never changed. We call this immutability.

Not only that, there are no account requirements. Maybe you have an account with TrxSys or not. It does not matter. Your photo is permanent.

TruthRegister does not have accounts. We collect your phone and email so that we can send you the transaction record. So there is no TruthRegister account to cancel.

Photos uploaded to file sharing services can be changed. Not us. Where else can you upload a photo and have proof that it was uploaded and that proof can be shared with others so they can validate the proof?

You can email the TrxSys blockchain photo link to anyone you like. Then they have proof.

Why use TruthRegister...

Rental protection
Car rental Take pictures of a car before you rent it and upload to the TrxSys blockchain through TruthRegister. The photo, once written to the TrxSys blockchain cannot be changed, edited or manipulated. The photo on the TrxSys blockchain could serve as proof or evidence of damage before you take posession of a rental car.
Rental property Take pictures of a rental property. Just like with a rental car, photos written the TrxSys blockchain can serve as proof of the state of an apartment before you take possession.
Contracts Take a picture of an agreement as a permanent records of the terms.

Inspection services...
Structures Immutable photographs of structures such as houses and buildings can serve as proof of inspection.
Pipelines and industrial fittings Timestamped photographs of pipelines and industrial equipment can provide evidence over time of material fatigue, corrosion, etc.
Transportation Photographs written to the TrxSys blockchain before and after repairs can be used as a record of services performed.

Conflict minerals Photographs taken at the time of discovery or unearthing of minerals such as diamonds, gold, coltan, cassiterite, gold ore and and wolframite can be used to help establish provenance.
Art Immutable photographic records of pieces of art being created can serve as proof that a specific artist at a specific time was the creator. The TrxSys blockchain is permanent. Therefore, teh record of artitic genesis can persist indefinitely.

Data sciences...
Data integrity Photographic observations made during experiments and scientific inquiry cannot be manipulated after the fact. The result may be an increase in the integrity of scientific results.
Long term record of truth Some scientific projects and studies take place over many years or even decades. A persistent record of photographs can be used to reduce risk of data loss from lost computers, hard drives, cancelled cloud storage accounts, etc. is a web property owned by  Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved